October 9, 2019

Oliver Doodle's Halloween at the Castle

It's a Spoopy Halloween when Oliver attends a costume party with his family at Pythian Castle. It's a fun time, but things get a little more Spoopy when Oliver goes down the stairs to the dungeon instead of up the stairs to the theatre. 

Join Oliver for the adventure.

Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home

Oliver Doodle's Tales is an uplifting children's book series that fosters coping mechanism through knowledge.

In Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home, children learn about adoption, non-traditional family, and moving to a new home. Oliver's leaves his dog family on the farm to begin a new life with his human family in the city. The story reveals the emotions, apprehensions, and coping skills he develops during the process.

Remember: Doggy-Doodle-Doo-Oliver-Loves-You!

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