April 3, 2014

FORMED OF CLAY by Thea Atkinson

A very clever author created, Formed of Clay. Thea Atkinson immediately plunges the reader into a fabulous tale written in the style of an ancient mythological tale with Gods and Goddesses in a stunning mystical view of creation. This introduction provides the mood for a masterful dark ancient tale. 
Thea Atkinson

Set in ancient Egypt, the story follows a tender boy on a surprising journey. Sentu, the foster son of a scribe is amazed to find himself studying as priest. His mentor, Hozat is at the top of the Pharaoh's priestly hierarchy.

The growing young boy soon discovers things aren't always what they seem. Sentu experiences a labyrinth filled with deception, and betrayal at the hands of those he once believed were holy.   The boy must participate, and suffer within an evil hidden in the background of ancient Egypt.    

The author creates a fascinating dark tale that weaves together mythology, and Egyptian history into a spellbinding story as modern as it is ancient. The ending will surprise even the most astute.