November 24, 2015

Press Release: PASSENGER FROM GREECE by Norma Jennings

Jamaican Author Norma Jennings
Explores International Romance and Mystery

in New Caribbean Novel, Passenger from Greece

Plantation, FL – Jamaican author Norma Jennings announces the release of her latest romantic mystery novel, Passenger from Greece (ISBN 9780990574675). A cross-genre work of fiction that combines exotic locations and international romance, Passenger from Greece touches on the important political and criminal issues of drug trafficking in the Caribbean islands and the serious economic issues in Greece that fuel this trade.
Passenger from Greece explores the controversial and menacing issue of cocaine seizures and illicit drug trafficking in a classic tale of criminal behavior, love, and lust. The novel’s main character, Olivia Reid, is a young, feisty, yet innocent international flight attendant from the islands, who embarks on a dangerous adventure and a seductive affair that spans the Caribbean, New York City, and Crete. Eventually, as the flames of desire that consume Olivia are fanned by deception, lust and greed, she painfully finds her way back to her ancestral home.

July 13, 2015


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