July 1, 2015


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June 25, 2015

2015 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS Medical Mystery Novel Set in Alaska, SPIRIT MADE SMALLER by Phillip Douglas


Medical Mystery Novel Set in Alaska, “Spirit Made Smaller”, Only Entrant to Take Home Double Medals

Phillip Douglas

Seattle, Washington --- USA Book News has announced the winners and finalists of The 2015 International Book Awards (IBA). Over 300 honorees were named in 80+ categories. Spirit Made Smaller, by Seattle writer Phillip Douglas, was the only recipient of double international wins: a gold-medal award-winner in the Fiction - Religious category and award-finalist in Fiction - Cross Genre. The spellbinding medical murder mystery was singled out from over 1,200 entries submitted by mainstream and independent authors, as well as publishers from around the world.

The novel was previously accorded double “Finalist” wins in the same two categories late last year by the 2014 USA Best Book Awards, from a field of over 2,000 entrants. Set in Alaska, it can be read as multiple genres: on one level it is a mesmerizing medical suspense mystery. On another, it is a spiritual journey (which is always a part of any medical thriller). Finally, it may also be identified as “speculative” fiction, as it covers national and international events that readers hear about on an almost daily basis through their news source of choice. Spirit Made Smaller is a poignant story of loss and relationships as Dr. Gharrett Graywood attempts to solve the mystery behind his eleven-year-old child’s debilitative disease and death.

This is Douglas’ first novel – the result of seven years of meticulous research. Although the narrative is fictional, the settings in a Spirit Made Smaller are very real and can be viewed in the photo gallery on the book’s website, http://spiritmadesmaller.com or on YouTube athttp://youtu.be/iNwGJ6Ixysw. Douglas is presently at work on his next novel, a suspense mystery spanning locations from the Oregon Coast to Europe and Indonesia

Spirit Made Smaller is available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and at other select book stores. It is also available in eBook editions for Kobo, Kindle and Nook. For more information, go to http://spiritmadesmaller.com or http://youtu.be/iNwGJ6Ixysw.

June 17, 2015

FATHER'S DAY: IN MEMORY... A Poem for Dads

This is the lake he loved.
A beautiful poem written by Kathy Feigel as a dedication in the novel, King Solomon's Journey. 


by Kathy Feigel

It is finally finished, this journey we shared.
With your love, I have gone further than I ever dared.
You said I could do it, and now here it stands,
My story of dimensions and faraway lands.
You cast a light upon my dreams.
That was all I needed, it would seem.
It isn't fair you know.
You're not here for the big show.
But I can feel you there.
On the edge of the web we share.
What now when no more can I hold your hand?
I will close my eyes and dream, see, there you stand!
Life is a journey of smiles and sadness.
Memories will always hold the gladness.
When my journey ends, I have but one prayer. 
Wait for me Dad.