May 27, 2015

MARILYN (Monroe) Poetic Film by John Veasay


There is nothing new. Our struggles are age old. Unique stories must come through the complexity of the characters and the author's intricate knowledge of the real-life circumstances that effect the imaginary vision and the fictional characters. I enjoy books with characters that are realistic.

In Louis Begley's KILLER, COME HITHER the author's knowledge of the social and business dynamics within a Manhattan law firm kept me turning the pages. The details make the novel interesting, complex, and exciting.

The plot begs the reader to examine... What would you be willing or insane enough to risk to avenge the murder of the most important person in your life?

Jack Dana has more at stake than most of us. An academic, after 911 Jack places his plans on hiatus and joins the military. Soon, he becomes captain, but more importantly he is trained to kill.

After a serious injury on the battlefield, Jack is sent stateside to heal at Walter Reed. During his recovery he returns to his academic roots and begins writing. His first novel is a bestseller.  But, despite his success, there are subtle hints of the captain's struggles within the academic. While alive, his Uncle Harry provides the stability the two parts  Jack's personality needs to maintain balance. 

Unfortunately, Uncle Harry ends-up dead and the dichotomy within Jack becomes dominated by the captain posing a threat to the comfortable life that the novelist has come to enjoy. The captain's obsessions can't be tamed and Jack risks everything, love, fame, freedom and perhaps sanity to avenge his uncle's murder,

Bravo, for Louis Begley's KILLER, COME HITHER!  

Killer, Come Hither is available on Amazon!


REVIEW: THE STRANGER by Harlan Coben, narrated by George Newbern

Fathom an act of deceit committed by an insecure wife, a lie so personal it should matter to no one except the woman and her husband. Nevertheless, two years after the incident it shatters the cozy life they've created and it doesn't stop with them.

Despite an often annoying amount of petty details, THE STRANGER is engrossing and engaging. The premise exposes another possible concern about individual privacy on the web when a quasi group of self-professed vigilantes naively set a chain of seemingly unrelated events into motion. The results of their stupidity are deadly.

Harlan Coben manages the layers of complexity and the various subplots well. In this story his skill as an award-winning author shines through as he keeps the entanglement from becoming chaotic. His art results in an addictive suspenseful tale.

George Newbern does a very good job of narrating. I think this book would be just as good perhaps even better on the written page.