December 19, 2014


12 Million Americans are Sociopaths that means in every group of 25 we can expect there is at least one individual without a conscience. According to Martha Stout in her book The Sociopath Next Door, only about 20% of these are incarcerated.

I originally read Dr. Stout's book in 2007 and recently revisited it on audio. In The Sociopath Next Door, through actual cases from her psychotherapy practice, she develops a guide for recognizing the sociopaths in our lives. Surprisingly, she has very little advice for dealing with the person and the havoc they can place on our lives.

Sociopaths are excellent actors; often having learned at a very young age the art of feigning emotions. They are typically smart, charismatic, and tireless, cunning thrill seekers, often difficult to expose. For normal empathetic persons. recognizing these individuals can be problematic. Convincing others even professionals that you are dealing with a true sociopath can be even more immense.

Dr. Stout might disapprove, but I have my own definition of a sociopath. "At the bar, the sociopath buys you your favorite drink. The bartender sets the drink in front of you and turns his back to the two of you. Just as you reach for the drink the sociopath grabs it, and spits in it before handing it back to you,fully well believing you should drink it. Further adding insult to injury, the sociopath will comment to others the he/she bought you a drink." This is a dark example, nevertheless important and a drink can be thrown away, but what about the sociopath/sociopaths we can't remove from our lives? How can we help loved ones controlled by these individuals? Although Dr. Stout offers very little help for dealing with these monsters, her book is still a Must Read.



December 18, 2014

AWARD WINNING CHILDREN'S BOOK: MAMA'S PURSE by AJ Irving, Illustrated by Rick Thomson

Mama's Purse, "you'll never guess what zooms out next! A baboon, a maroon balloon, a piece of the glowing moon..." 

Winner of the Mom's Choice Award and the Purple Dragonfly Book Award, a young girl finds an imaginative treasure trove in  her mom's purse. It's just silly  enough to make learning fun.

This first reader is a delightful adventure rhyming to a fun cadence for reading aloud to an infant or toddler. The illustrations are fun and colorful with attention to scale appropriate for the growing mind of a small child.

Many thanks to AJ Irving for a beautiful story. My first grand child is due in April. Today,  I'm sending Mama's Purse to begin my granddaughter's personal library.  

December 17, 2014

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: Best Loved Stories of All Time by Margaret Jean Langstaff

This sensational book stands as a testament to Margaret Jean Langstaff. Her knowledge and passion for classic and contemporary literature is ingeniously displayed in this collection of beloved Christmas tales.

The stories are priceless pieces with substance and meaning, worlds apart from the insipid commercialism that often infiltrates the season.

These precious narratives provide a depth designed to entertain adults and older children without destroying the season’s magic. My personal favorite comes to life in the fantasy, sci-fi like valley and caves of L. Frank Baum’s, A KIDNAPPED SANTA CLAUS. This is a fantastical tale of good and evil. The imagery of Laughing Valley and The Caves of the Daemons is absolutely grand. The vision literally takes my breath away.

All of the stories are awesome. The book is stunning with over 500 pages of the very best seasonal literature by these greats: L. Frank Baum (Author), Grace S. Richmond (Author), O. Henry (Author), Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (Author), Leona Dalrymple (Author), Eugene Field (Author), Abbie Farwell Brown (Author), Ellis Parker Butler and others (Author), Margaret Jean LangstaffI highly recommend this selection.

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