November 24, 2015

Press Release: PASSENGER FROM GREECE by Norma Jennings

Jamaican Author Norma Jennings
Explores International Romance and Mystery

in New Caribbean Novel, Passenger from Greece

Plantation, FL – Jamaican author Norma Jennings announces the release of her latest romantic mystery novel, Passenger from Greece (ISBN 9780990574675). A cross-genre work of fiction that combines exotic locations and international romance, Passenger from Greece touches on the important political and criminal issues of drug trafficking in the Caribbean islands and the serious economic issues in Greece that fuel this trade.
Passenger from Greece explores the controversial and menacing issue of cocaine seizures and illicit drug trafficking in a classic tale of criminal behavior, love, and lust. The novel’s main character, Olivia Reid, is a young, feisty, yet innocent international flight attendant from the islands, who embarks on a dangerous adventure and a seductive affair that spans the Caribbean, New York City, and Crete. Eventually, as the flames of desire that consume Olivia are fanned by deception, lust and greed, she painfully finds her way back to her ancestral home.

While the book is at its core a cautionary tale about love-gone-wrong, it also touches on deception at the deepest family level. Passenger from Greece explores how familial relationships, flawed characters, secrets, and lies can destroy lives and create deeply felt wounds that go straight to the heart.

“I read about the rising tide of illegal drug cartels moving their products from more developed countries to the United States, while using the Caribbean as a conduit,” said Jennings. “My home is Jamaica, and I’m a former flight attendant, so I began to think about how I could use my personal background to spotlight issues surrounding the illicit drug trade, while also drawing in readers with a captivating story.”

Norma Jennings is an ex-international flight attendant and current corporate executive with a passion for writing. Now residing in Florida, she was born and raised in the Caribbean and has traveled and explored many countries, including those featured in Passenger from Greece. From an exotic multi-ethnic background of black, white, and East Indian descent, Jennings credits her strong and dynamic mother and grandmother, and a remarkably intelligent and adventurous father, as her main influences. Jennings earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Angelo State University and graduated from the Management Development Program at Harvard Graduate School. She has authored a previous novel, Daughter of the Caribbean, and is currently working on a historical romance set in Jamaica. Jennings has three grown children, and enjoys dual citizenship in both Jamaica and the United States. She visits her grandmother’s Caribbean home, Twickenham, as often as she can.

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September 14, 2015

Review ‘Margot’ by Jillian Cantor

Although it is likely a far-fetched hypotheses’, Jillian Cantor, created a sensitive, well-meaning, and educated speculative story about Margot’s life in Pennsylvania after her escape from the concentration camp. Like many refugees, upon arrival and until she could be self-supportive, Margot lived with a sponsor family.

August 28, 2015

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins

Personally, I love this book. The suspense is spellbinding, but it is the magnificently synthesized psychological dysfunction of the cast that is oddly addictive. I am not too embarrassed to admit that over the summer I listened to the complete audio version three times. And, for those of you still wondering; it is more thrilling than Gone Girl.

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