November 28, 2014

Hidden Mountain: The Legacy

The Legacy

All forms of tampering with human beings, getting at them, shaping them against their will to your own pattern, all thought control and conditioning is, therefore, a denial of that in men which makes them men and their values ultimate.

Isaiah Berlin

 Cover Design by William Kenney

Donizetti slammed the phone hard against the fine wood surface. The heat from inside began to penetrate through his pores. He could no longer dispute the fact; King Solomon’s Scrolls had surfaced.
During his agents out of control attack against Antonio Dominguez; the anthropologist had not denied accusations of having found the prize. An artifact with the power to destroy all that OPERA had achieved.
His palm wiped the moisture from his forehead, and in a brisk motion, he swiveled the chair in front of the computer screen. He scrolled back through his files, until he found The Maestro’s email from several months before. 

To: "Donizetti" <>                                                                                09:39 11 May 2010
From: "Maestro" <>
Subject: Top Secret

Do not discount this Legend. Intelligence has spotted a world renowned anthropologist poking around at the suspected site.

The time will come:

              Destiny had dictated the King's power must fade throughout the land of Israel. It was timeand as the Divine Vision had prompted him, he began to organize the final mission. The tribes would spread throughout the World and populate, but only if Israel fell. Many claimed the King had gone mad. Contrarily, Israel's strength prepared the countrymen for The Fall.
              Fate intended for the people of Israel to inhabit all corners of the Earth. King Solomon and his father, King David, placed and trained the Tribes for their future. Rumors claimed King Solomon abandoned the God of Moses, but in reality, Solomon instead painfully chose to honor his God, and all His wishes.
              The King sent the special envoy to temporarily inhabit a specific location, on the other side of the world.
              The large Galley ship led four smaller vessels in a bittersweet departure in the Spring of 939 BCE, as it glided through the Strait of Gibraltar, between the Pillars of Hercules. They left their homeland behind, knowing they would never return. The small fleet navigated the Atlantic Ocean for several months as they embarked upon a special expedition to the New Promised Land. The lead ship required 290 rowers, and carried 400 passengers and crew. Accompanied by four smaller vessels, each filled with extra supplies, they provided a means to aid in the travel through the shallow tributaries of the New Land.
              The journey wasn't without misfortune. Dysentery infected everyone aboard one of the smaller ships, and left all its passengers in a floating tomb, without a single survivor from the depths of her boughs. Near the island of present-day Cuba, a powerful storm lasting for days capsized one of the remaining smaller ships. The crew only rescued a few survivors from the treacherous waters.
              Three of the five original ships arrived at the mouth of the Rio Grande, deep inside the Gulf of Mexico, nearly 2,500 years before Christopher Columbus claimed to find the New World. King Solomon's Captain, Nathanael, knew their travels up the river would be difficult.
              The direction of the on-coming current forced the ships to push against the river's fierce current. Merely a few days into their ascension of the Rio Grande, Nathanael decided the crew and passengers should stop for rest. They constructed a temporary campsite to provide a much-needed respite on dry land, for the crew and passengers grew exhausted from the sea. No one had stepped foot off the ship in months, and almost a third of their party had been lost to the ocean's demands.
              Before they left their temporary camp, Nathanael ordered the Levite Priestly Scribe, Ahab, to leave an inscription to mark their path. Other similar ships had voyaged before them into the New World to gather resources for the future creation of the Temple, and Solomon's Palace. This was the first group sent with intentions to settle, and procreate.

              King Solomon's orders sent Nathanael and his voyagers to a specific summit above the tributary that brought them from the Rio Grande. Providing the longitude and latitude of their destination, the King detailed their duties and provided the items needed for their ultimate purpose.
              The travelers reached the summit at the site of an ancient volcano. Nathanael quickly set Ahab, the Scribe, to work creating inscribed seals. On the highest point, at the very top of the Mountain, they placed a stone that dedicated the Nexus to Yahweh.
              At the base of the Mountain, Ahab inscribed the Ten Commandments on an enormous stone. This stone instilled Yahweh's laws as supreme at this site. Acting as a gateway to God's natural Temple, two more giant stones created a portal beyond the Commandments. This became the entrance to a new Temple.
              Ahab the Scribe aligned the Cosmos with Divine precision, as he inscribed the Summit's stones with the image of the approaching Eclipse. This Eclipse Stone marked the day when all would abandon God's Natural Temple in the New Land, and set forth to populate the New World and prepare for the day their descendants would welcome 'The Chosen'.
              All throughout the lands, their descendants would prepare for the future wedding. King Solomon gave them explicit directions for their journeys, and their territories within the New World.
              Nathanael's five Levite Priests, along with two members from the Tribe of Judah, soon embarked on their next expedition. The priests, Allon, Boaz, Eran, Iscali, and Merab descended into the volcano to hear the Voice of God.
              King Solomon explained the old volcano housed God's Temple in the New World, and claimed that God spoke in the Holy of Holies in this New World. He also warned - Only the Levite priests, and those with an extraordinary Divine Connection, could enter the place where God spoke.
The Wise King told them they would find a Great Room within the old volcano, a room formed naturally by God, and a place where they would hear the Voice of God. They would see a confirmation chamber as they found an abundance of God's Manna.
              The Levite Priests could enter the Great Hall; the other members of the group could not, but could stay within the Halls of the Labyrinth. The Priests performed their duties to God within the Great Hall where God spoke to them.
              Before the Tribes dispersed from the site to claim their territories amongst the New World, they were obliged to complete their duties under the instruction of the King. These duties would benefit the future descendants of all the Tribes. The King sent items for them to leave behind, strategically placed for only the Chosen One to find. The Chosen One would be a predecessor from the Tribe of Judah.
              During this time, the Earth would wait. Amidst the wake of the Great Immaculate Conception, when God would connect with his feminine Shekinah, his bride - the New World would be born. The Chosen One must gather special representative members of the 13 Tribes to prepare God's Nexus, and Humanity, for the Great Marriage in the Cosmos.
God would only take his bride if Humanity and Earth were prepared to enter a New Era.
The New Existence would finally combine the Tribes, as they would cease to exist in separate entities. This will be the birth of a new time. A time when the female will share equal dominance with the male, and this will happen as part of God and Shekinah’s conception. In the days leading to the Great Conception, the female power will arise in preparation of the Great Marriage.
              The Chosen One from the Tribe of Judah will recover the lost Scrolls. If his soul is touched, he will set upon a great journey to discover the Levite. The Levite will then enter the Chamber of God, to retrieve the final Scrolls.
              Together, Judah and Levi must face the Demons within themselves, the same Demons that hinder all of Mankind; they must overcome these obstacles within their own individual souls, and conquer them together. Facing these personal Demons, they will see representatives of the plagues that torment Mankind.
              The pair’s connection will ultimately lead them to the identification, and collection, a group whose members surround them, the 13 Chosen that will come to represent the Sons of Abraham. The '13' will prepare the Nexus as they usher out the Old, and welcome in the New. During the Dawn of the New Era, the Tribes will no longer exist as different individual tribes, but they will dissolve into a greater, single tribe.
              Judah and Levi will fight to prevent the Sons of Balail from blocking this marriage. Many years preceding Judah and Levi's journey, Balail will plan and prepare to block the eminent conception. The Sons of Balail will possess the necessary power to place ruinous obstacles in their way, and they will do so without remorse.
              The Sons of Balail will not enter the place of God, as they are forbidden. Beyond the Gates of the Home of Judah, the Sons of Balail will be weak, as they lack the power needed to succeed against God's Supreme Design. These Sacred Grounds will pose great obstacles to the sons of Balail, and relief for Judah and Levi.
              In the time of King Solomon, all the Tribes possessed the knowledge of the Prophecy. They were aware that God would keep His promise as Judah and Levi would always retain their Freewill. The end result would be far from inevitable.
              The two must learn to reach deep within their souls, as individuals, and if they had not prepared themselves as such individuals, their meeting would never take place. The Pair must believe in the Greater Divine Design, or their possible meeting would never happen. Beyond their initial encounter, these beliefs will experience further tests, in the wake of rising personal Demons that haunt them.
              The couple must join, and connect their minds and bodies before their journey begins. This connection will again be tested through unexpected obstacles in order to assure their Faith as Truth. The energy between Judah and Levi must course through them as a fluid force, flowing in and out, from, and onto one another, and then back again; strengthening like the river gains power from the flow of smaller streams.
              This will not be easy as they struggle with Freewill, and powerful threats from their Adversary - the Sons of Balail. Judah and Levi will need to obtain the help of trusted others, but ultimately, they will always need the connection of one another to defeat their opposition.
              Levi will possess a strong connection to the unseen world; an ability to draw perspective from beyond the limits of the thinking mind. Judah will find his strength grounded strongest on the face of Mother Earth. Their connection will require each to receive the other. Without Levi, Judah cannot find the 13 Chosen and their wives.
              Judah and Levi will become a Spiritual representation, undivided by incomplete religions, which have long since divided the brothers. The New Mother Land must retain her maternal instinct. Jerusalem, the Father, must also remain strong. The Nexus will join the Father and the Mother within Earth's center. The Wise King Solomon predicted, in the days prior to the unification, the frozen mass separating the two would begin the process of melting.
              Mankind must understand, only those prepared will survive the Great Cosmic Wedding, and live to enjoy the 1000 year accession that will follow. Fear will overcome a majority of mankind, and lead them to their demise.
              Levi the Archer, and Judah the Bull must prepare the path for the Lion. The Lion, the son of the Great Mother Shekinah and the Great Father God, is the son born to fight the final battle with the Sons of Balail, the evil Ones that turned their backs on God.
              They must believe and pray that Judah and Levi will find the answers, discover their purpose, and reach to one another. Together they must seek the knowledge of the Ancient Ones.
We must stay alert. The time has come to defeat Judah and Levi.

              Why now? Why has this become such an issue?  Donizetti cursed the ineptitude of his team, and his own frivolous dismissal of M’s warning. Damn the anthropologist and damn his interference! He and his group of mystics and prophets are a curse that would be dealt with shortly. They may be protected from death, but there were other ways to hamper their progress. Picking up the phone he called his most trusted operative, and gave him the order to deepen the surveillance of the anthropologist and his associates.

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