February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Excerpt from The Mystery, HIDDEN MOUNTAIN, Enjoy!

In an awkward move, we made our way to the bed. I threw back the bed cover, and gently coaxed her to lie back. With her body flattened into a vulnerable position, I whispered. “Amanda, it’s your turn.”

She placed her fingers in the waves of my hair. In a brisk motion, I clutched her wrist. Her eyes stared into me.
“Submit to me, this time let me love you.”
She sounded delirious. “Antonio, what if I can’t?”
Uninhibited, I observed before me, her beautiful unprotected body. After a moment, I transferred my focus to my path. My mouth bathed her lips until they became succulent and swollen. Her shimmering eyes mesmerized me.
Above her, my movements suspended, her eyes hypnotized me as I inhaled her breath. In an erotic rhythm, her exhales became my inhales. The psychedelic glisten of her eyes was a narcotic that made me high. Even in the absence of her touch, it heightened my desire.
In spite of my delirium, my odyssey continued with the slide of my hand behind her neck. Her delicious neck became an offering. I raised her as if I were a vampire preparing to feed on her mesmerizing flavor. My fingers explored the lines, and my mind designed the blueprint.
Breathing against her neck, I evoked a blanket of goose bumps to cover her. My teeth skimmed the sensitive spot just below her ear, causing a sweet sound to escape her lips. Maneuvering her earlobe into my mouth, she moaned, turning, wanting more from me. I placed my lips at the opening of her ear. “Amanda, tell me you want me.”
     She spoke with more breath than sound. “Please, Antonio.”
     My breath became more difficult. “Amanda, I want to love you.”
I gently returned her neck to a resting position. On the journey to maneuver her hills and valleys, my mouth became the chariot travelling through her body’s terrain. Charming her softly, I played her skin as an instrument to evoke her ascension.
Reaching, arching, silently, she begged me for more. I touched her skin and fondled her breasts. Breaking the silence, her heavy breaths held me captivated in a state of delirium. The glisten from her peaks caused my mouth to moisten.
Both hands cupped one of her luscious breasts, slowly, with a gentle caress, I opened passion’s door. Amanda’s heart, I wanted most. In this place, I hoped my love would vibrate into physical waves that penetrated her heart.
The sound of her, surrendered an intense song, my head rose to witness. Transferring as my song, my fingers strummed her body. On fire, she squirmed from beneath my soft touches.
“Talk to me, honey.”
Drunk, she fell into the covers, without respite my mouth caressed along her length. She belted to a sitting position, and grabbed my head. In a quick reaction, I gently gripped her waist to place her back where I could have her.
“Antonio.” She could barely speak.
“Come on, talk to me sweetheart. Tell me.”
I looked into her now heavy eyes.
“Antonio, I need to touch you.”
“No, I’m making love to you.”
I resumed my journey of her body; my fingertips like feathers tickled her skin. She trembled from my touches. Ascending her body, I paused above her, holding my weight with my hands, my back relaxed and straight. With muscles taut, I balanced over her quivering body.
My mouth consumed hers…her noises echoed through my cheeks. Her body begged for me, as I covered her face with kisses. Unable to contain her yearning need, she pleaded.
“Antonio, please.”
I rose, as my body swayed above. Lightly, I brushed her with my tickling torment. She squirmed beneath to deepen the touch.

“Amanda, trust me.” Kissing her, my lips absorbed the vibrations from her neck. Understanding my journey must continue, I accepted that a part of my Enchantress would remain veiled from me for now. 

Happy Valentine's Day!