May 1, 2012

Sammy's Review of "The Watchers From Within Moments, Revealed", by Mark Paul Jacobs

The Watchers From Within Moments, Revealed by Mark Paul Jacobs is a fascinating, and suspenseful short story!

Mark Paul Jacobs provides readers with a wild, intelligent ride in a short amount of text. He has developed an absolutely plausible set of stunning circumstances. No doubt any reader will be left contemplating the possible reality of such an event.

In this nail biter, FastTech, an American Company, makes an alarming discovery with some state-of-the-art camera equipment. Their discovery sends the entire population into a frenzy that demands government, and political involvement. The shocking end literally took my breath away.

I enjoyed this story immensely.

Disclosure: I purchased, and read The Watchers From Within Moments, Revealed without any prior arrangement with the author.

Watchers From Within Moments, Revealed is available on Amazon