June 16, 2012

A Father's Day Tribute to Dad

In honor of Father's Day I would like to share this poem written by one of the most incredible women I know. Kathy wrote this to be placed in the Revised Version of King Solomon's Journey as a tribute to my late father. Like my father, Kathy is a pillar of strength always aware and caring, she knows just the right time to be tough with a swift pat on the backside, and just the right time to give a hug. I hope everyone can enjoy and identify with her magnificent words in honor of Dads everywhere.  


by Kathy Feigel

It is finally finished, this journey we shared.

With your love, I have gone further than I ever dared.

You said I could do it, and now here it stands,

My story of dimensions and faraway lands.

You cast a light upon my dreams.

That was all I needed, it would seem.

It isn't fair you know.

You're not here for the big show.

But I can feel you there.

On the edge of the web we share.

What now when no more can I hold your hand?

I will close my eyes and dream, see, there you stand!

Life is a journey of smiles and sadness.

Memories will always hold the gladness.

When my journey ends, I have but one prayer.

Wait for me Dad, I'll be there.