April 26, 2012

Review: The Yaakmen of Tyrie by Mark Paul Jacobs

After reading several books by Mark Paul Jacobs, I have to say, he has won my deepest respect as an author. Mark’s work is profound, intelligent, and wonderfully imaginative. The Sci-Fi Channel should take a serious look at his fascinating stories.

The Yaakmen of Tyrie, layered in dichotomies, is worthy of the big screen. This tale is a treat for the fantasy buff as well as the archeological fiction fan. The alien world presented from within the pages is no less than brilliant. Mark meshes fantasy, and familiar history into a clever page-turning fantasy.
The brutal winter and war will provide great reading for cold winter nights. This is a fresh new story with familiar and unfamiliar struggles.  Just keep the brandy to a minimum for the deep secrets of the past are revealed with skillful design. No doubt, you won’t want to miss a single clue as the layers of plots and subplots unfold in the Alien land.
 Prepare for a complex adventure filled with dynamic characters enriched with personality.  The fantastical monsters and humanlike beings are fabulously entertaining. A Giant Thumbs up for The Yaakmen of Tyrie.

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