July 7, 2014

The Mystery Within The Thirteens: Excerpt from KING SOLOMON'S JOURNEY

"We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive."
C. S. Lewis


            Kicking off his shoes, Antonio loosened his shirt, and mentally kicked himself for tonight's performance. He was suppose to be holding his dream woman right this minute, they were supposed to be forming this team the Scrolls Legacy spoke of. Instead here he was, alone, had his ass kicked by who knows who, embarrassed in front of Tommy…by many things, saved by his sprite, and then told he was egotistical cougar bait.
            Dropping into a chair, Antonio thought about her remark concerning her baggage. If Antonio knew anything about women, he knew they all had baggage. Just how her baggage was, or what in the hell she was making such a big deal out of, he didn't know, but surely he could handle it.
             A knock at the door broke his concentration. Answering, Antonio greeted a hotel employee delivering a small bag. Upon tipping the young man, he closed the door and opened the package. Inside, a note attached to a small bottle of oil.

            Rolling his eyes, at least now she kept her word. He walked to the mirror and applied the witch’s voodoo to his injury. At the very least, he’d received something from her. After several days of work, it was something, and tomorrow was another day.

            Retreating to the desk, he removed his copy of the Scrolls, along with his notes for translation. Determined to use his time wisely, he would continue translating.
            His thoughts returned to her and the note, proof she felt the connection. Amanda exhibited no signs of experiencing a similar hallucination involving him. He thought he was going crazy.
            He began studying the Ancient texts. The ‘13’ suddenly intrigued him, ahava echad, ‘love one’. The multilevel structure of the Ancient Hebrew fascinated Antonio. There was always more than one possible meaning. This one really captured his attention, and he didn’t know why.
            America, a diverse nation, is home to people from all 13 Tribes, predominated by the 13th , Manasseh. America was Manasseh. Hell, America started with 13 colonies. The original flag reflected 13 stars, and 13 stripes. Regardless, many people feared the number 13. Hotels and other high-rise buildings omitted the 13th floors number on their elevators. In Hebrew, it meant ‘love one’ yet, half the people in the world lived in fear of it. He wondered if Amanda feared the number 13. She was sure-as-hell afraid of the translation ‘love one’. Her assertions made it clear, if a hint or possibility of love was out there, she did not intend to get close to it.
            He continued his thoughts. A boy comes of age at 13 with his bar mitzvah, celebrating his entry into manhood. Judaism had 13 principles. The Temple included 13 Gates: (1) Shaar Ha’Elyon (The Upper Gate), (2) Shaar HaDelek (The Kindling Gate), (3) Shaar Habechorot (The Gate of Firstborn), (4) Shaar HaMayim (The Water Gate), (5) Shaar Yechonyah (The Gate of Yechonya), (6) Shaar HaKorban (The Gate of Offering), (7) Shaar HaNashim (The Women’s Gate), (8) Shaar Hashir (The Gate of Song), (9) Shaar Nikanor (gate between the Women’s Courtyard and the main Temple Courtyard). Counting the two minor doorways and two gates of relative unimportance without names, the total; was 13 entry-points.
            Maintaining this theme, the Seal of the United States encompassed the ‘13’ it dominated. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a dollar bill. The U.S. Seal possessed 13 letters, 13 arrows, 13 olive leaves, 13 berries, 13 stars, and 13 constellations. Was it possible that the Founding Fathers and Authorities within the Government have always known? Antonio thought it sounded extreme, but then again, the entire damn thing was insane.
            Antonio was tired, tomorrow would be here soon enough, he needed to rest and make plans for achieving success with Amanda. Unable to boast of anything today, he had crashed and burned. It was not completely clear why, but he needed her, and he sure did want her.