December 21, 2013

Press Release & Trailer: APOCALYPSE, HOW TO SURVIVE A GLOBAL CRISIS by Dan Martin

Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis has recently been the hot topic of mainstream networks such as CNN, Yahoo News, MSNBC, Esquire Men's magazine and many others, as well as getting featured in the Frankfurt Book Fair this October. I've consulted as an expert on AMC’s "The Walking Dead," National Geographic’s "Doomsday Preppers" and TNT’s hit show "Falling Skies." I've appeared on The Travel Channel's "Paranormal Paparazzi" and various radio shows including The Jim Marrs Show.

Will the world, as we know it, end in our time? It’s the intention of this book and the will of its author to give you what you’ll need IF it does. Spiritual prophecies, scientific predictions, epic storms/floods, record temperatures, terrorist attacks, viral pandemics, worldwide economic/government collapse, solar flares, electrical grid failure, climate change, earthquakes, polar shift, peak oil, meteor impacts, WW3, super tsunamis, alien invasion, how the government’s preparing and why we should too. This mind-gripping, action-packed book has it all and teaches how you and your family can survive it all.

“A complete DIY, self-help guide not only for the end-times, but any global or local crisis, which we seem to be experiencing plenty of lately.”

Written by Desert Storm veteran and natural catastrophe relief organizer, Dan Martin lived off the grid, self-sufficiently, not seeing one other human for six years. He now consults, lectures and teaches do-it-yourself style alternative energies, renewable fuels, natural building methods and sustainable living around the world. Martin presents eye-opening views of humanity during times of turmoil; and his insight into possible future events is breathtaking, at the very least. The book makes you wonder, is the end closer than we think? Are any of us truly prepared?