December 18, 2014

AWARD WINNING CHILDREN'S BOOK: MAMA'S PURSE by AJ Irving, Illustrated by Rick Thomson

Mama's Purse, "you'll never guess what zooms out next! A baboon, a maroon balloon, a piece of the glowing moon..." 

Winner of the Mom's Choice Award and the Purple Dragonfly Book Award, a young girl finds an imaginative treasure trove in  her mom's purse. It's just silly  enough to make learning fun.

This first reader is a delightful adventure rhyming to a fun cadence for reading aloud to an infant or toddler. The illustrations are fun and colorful with attention to scale appropriate for the growing mind of a small child.

Many thanks to AJ Irving for a beautiful story. My first grand child is due in April. Today,  I'm sending Mama's Purse to begin my granddaughter's personal library.