April 16, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: SIX YEARS by Harlan Coben with Author [Video]

Two years ago I believed living off the grid was next to impossible. About a year ago I learned that was not true. I watched in the background as authorities searched for a relative of mine that was living outside of the watchful eye of modern society. It was riveting to say the least. Remarkably, the authorities never located my relative. He eventually came forward.

SIX YEARS is a fascinating mosaic of interesting components by a well-versed veteran author, Harlan Coben. Read by five people, each account would likely be dramatically different. After my personal experience, I was most intrigued by the plausible circumstances that allowed people to disappear from society. 

Harlan Coben

Jacob (Jake) Fisher provides a first person narrative of his experience. My goodness, he is delightful. Wonderfully flawed, Jake is a sensitive woman's man and a giant man's man. He is often refreshingly a naive academic, but always determined to find the love of his life and absolutely nothing will stop him. 

SIX YEARS is a love story and a thriller all wrapped up in one fabulous scenario. 

SIX YEARS is available on Amazon