April 20, 2011

MONOGAMY SUCKS by George Pappas

George Pappas' Monogamy Sucks is an uncensored, and honest account of a single male swinger.

Monogamy Sucks is a diary based on Jake, a sexually frustrated man intent on embarking into a lifestyle of attachment-free sex. Jake is an interesting character reminiscent of Charlie Harper (not Charlie Sheen) of Two and a Half Men  gone viral without the alcohol addiction. Much like Charlie Harper's character Jake ultimately is a pleaser, shy, and often lacks confidence, in his encounters with women.

Jake approaches his sexuality through self-analysis. In the beginning, he concludes his previous relationships became sexually boring therefore; variety without emotion becomes his idea of a solution. Immediately, Jake embarks on the rocky path of emotionless sex.

George provides his reader with an explicit detailed diary of Jake's experience. His description is honest and he certainly does not get caught up in painting a rosy picture of the swinger lifestyle. Jake faces many roadblocks and a multitude of emotions, which often translate into sadness. Ironically, Jake's character seems incredibly in touch with his feelings and limitations.

The reason he embarks upon this lifestyle counters the assumption one might have about him. Jake is in fact very emotional and struggles to guard what he believes is a weakness. Several times throughout his encounters, he feels wounded by his partners' lack of emotion for him. This honesty provides a commendable reality to Jake's story.

The author's account primarily focuses on the single man's journey. However, he does not fail to give insight into the couples viewpoint and reason for the swinger lifestyle.

George Pappas' Monogamy Sucks is well-written and thorough. I was personally taken back a bit by the extremely hard-work and effort this lifestyle presented for Jake. Sometimes, I felt sorry for Jake, as his encounters often seemed unnecessarily demeaning for a guy by all accounts who was sensitive, caring, and likeable. I commend the author for not presenting the subject as all fun and games. George Pappas is a very talented and conscientious author!

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