April 12, 2011

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE by Margaret Jean Langstaff

Margaret Jean Langstaff gives incredible insight into the mental effects of pain.

In this easy-to-read short story Ms. Langstaff guides her readers through the neurotic emotions experienced by Marshall, a 50 year-old man, suffering from tremendous pain in his legs. The imagery presented by the author is so vivid I immediately felt empathy for his suffering. Simply put, Marshall has become his pain. His plight has left him to fade in and out of reality. In his insanity, Ms. Langstaff shines, as she paints a fascinating picture from inside his head.

Soon the reader joins Marshall in the Doctor's office waiting room. Here again, the author draws a perfect picture of the lunacy one often encounters at medical facilities. Nevertheless, he stumbles upon a rather disturbing woman who impacts his life in a surprising way.

I highly recommend this short story for anyone, but I am sure it will have the most influence on those whom have dealt with serious or long-term illness.