April 10, 2011

BEYOND MY CONTROL by Stuart Ross McCallum

Beyond My Control, One Man's Struggle With Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond, by Stuart Ross McCallum

Stuart's courage is mindboggling! 

In Beyond My Control, Stuart Ross McCallum shares with readers his frightening, and chaotic battle with epilepsy.

My 21 year old son suffers from generalized convulsive epilepsy with intractable epilepsy my interaction with the author led me to his book. At no time did I enter an agreement with Stuart Ross McCallum to read or review his work.

Beyond My Control is a well-written, stunningly vivid account of Stuart's experience with epilepsy. I appreciated his brutal honesty about issues surrounding the illness that are all too often avoided. This incredible author is selfless as he reveals truths about his struggles with the illness.  

Stuart wastes no time as he quickly moves his readers through his journey. He begins with the onset of seizures in his teens and moves through seizure surgery and after. In less than 100 pages, he tells a masterful story without cheating the reader. I must say, I am envious of his ability to get to the point.

My son said, "Please tell Stuart, I find his book very thoughtful, and helpful. I appreciate that he took the time to write it. His book is intelligently written."

I'm not sure I could say it better than my son could as he was profoundly moved by Stuart's story.

Stuart, thank you for sharing your experience with us, and others!