April 8, 2011

THE 19th ELEMENT by John L. Betcher

John Betcher's work shines in this timely nuclear thriller; The 19th Element.

In The 19th Element, the preface displays an actual copy of a Daily Brief presented to then President George W. Bush, one month prior to 911. The memo expressed concern about a possible strike within the U.S. by Bin Laden. John Betcher's early use of this letter was dynamic. It gave credence to the scenario that followed, and remained foremost in my mind throughout.

The author has a fabulous way with words. I found a great deal of personality in his lighthearted and refreshing, terminology. I personally, liked the term lawyering, I spend many hours working with attorneys, but where I come from; the term is not used.

The 19th Element is part of a series of thrillers based on James Beck an attorney from Red Wing Minnesota. After completely a long career stint within the government, he and his wife have returned home with their two young daughters to settle into a healthy family environment. John Betcher develops awesome dynamics between James, and his wife. I simply loved their relationship. Beth is a decoder, and James openly adores and respects her intellectually.

The book is a fabulous well-written thriller about nuclear terrorism. John understands and conveys the inner-workings of the nuclear facility with expertise. In light of the Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan, John's thriller is a timely masterpiece, especially for those interested in the structure, and mechanics surrounding Nuclear Plants.

The 19th Element presents a plausible concern for the potential danger Nuclear Plants possess.

I highly recommend this James Becker Thriller.