July 27, 2011


Hats-off to author Larry Enright, his novel’s characters capture the psychosocial formula, perfectly. The recipe results in a fabulously twisted plot. The author maintains the characters intricate personalities throughout his novel. A skill few authors master so well.

Tom, the main character, is a complex jerk, this dynamic defines the mystery. The unpredictable rogue sends the reader into a tailspin of emotions, and then, just when you think you have it all figured out, the author smacks into another turn.

Personally, I would classify, Four Years From Home within the mystery genre. However, the style, created emotions often, delegated to thrillers. The depth of the story came to me as an unexpected surprise. Prior comments I read had me convinced Four Years From Home was a humorous cultural book about an Irish immigrant family, oh, but, it was much more.

Tom’s first person account barred nothing. Instead, it fueled my fascination, blatantly baring his socially unacceptable narcissism, and distorted ego driven views. His codependent family added to the layers of  believability. I am a lover of the human element within any story, Four Years From Home, fed my love masterfully.

Nevertheless, the mystery, and drama are not forgotten. I highly recommend this book to anyone whom enjoys a great multi-layered read.