August 25, 2011

The Toast of Broadway (An Omega-Alpha Mystery) by Ian MacGregger

I must say, I really love this book.

Usually, I do not comment too much on the actual writing that is best left to those whom are scholars of the language. I am humbled by those like my friend, and author, Margaret Jean Langstaff or to many @CedarHillPress; she is much more qualified to comment on the writing. I try to stick with the story. Nevertheless, I am extremely impressed by this author’s style.

Ian MacGregger’s work as a writer is fantastic. There is fabulous character within the sentences, without disturbing the language. Throughout the book, I felt as if I was reading a modern Sherlock Holmes novel.

I understand, there is clearly a subjective factor to style, and this one sure satisfied my personal novel taste buds. It is a story saturated in wonderful personality, and it fits perfectly with the characters.

Ian has created quite a collaboration of interesting, yet, unlikely characters. My favorite was the Scot, Ian, the assistant working with Anna, the paranormal detective. The two create a fabulous pair.

The mystery and mayhem is a wonderful journey filled with wild surprises to the end. You cannot possibly be bored as animals and wildly strange characters emerge to entertain from around the globe. Smooth, tight, and well written, I highly recommend this read.

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