August 3, 2011

The Silver Mist by Martin Treanor

Nothing trite here; Eve’s story in Silver Mist is one of the most unique stories I’ve read.

Ordinarily, I shy away from books with plots surrounding war or warlike themes; I find the reality too painful for entertainment. Silver Mist’s spiritual and metaphysical possibilities appealed to my curiosity; therefore, I threw the emotional caution to the wind.

The story takes place in the area near Belfast on July 21st, 1972, the eve of the historic, ‘Bloody Friday.’ The author sets a vivid scene with added attention to the unusual geography of the area. I appreciated the visual since my European geography is lacking.
Brilliantly, the events are revealed through the eyes of Eve Hays. Eve the 23 year old daughter of elderly parents has Down syndrome. The author, Martin Treanor tackles the challenges of telling Eve’s story with amazing skill. Her perspective makes the experience dynamic.

The reader joins Eve on the day of her father’s death. Esther arrives to stay with Eve while her family accompanies her father’s body to Belfast. Esther’s visit will be forever, unforgettable for Eve as she ventures through the metaphysical.

The characters are an interesting, delightful eclectic mix brought about by chance, in a situation reserved by those days akin to ‘Bloody Friday.’ The premise of the story served as a reminder of the bloody massacre that seemed hidden behind more recent tragedies in my mind. I held this thought throughout the book…the author did his job well!

I recommend Silver Mist, especially for those looking for something a bit unusual.