July 31, 2011

On Wings of Affection by George Snyder

The murder mystery is compelling and spattered with wonderful bits and pieces of a fabulous California subculture combined with snippets of Sam’s Midwestern background. Sam, Pam, and Didier are fabulous characters with definite staying power.

The story is filled with fabulous twists, turns, and edgy glimpses of a wildly seductive lifestyle. George intertwines these emotions into the perfect recipe for murder. A community filled with love, jealously, and lust sets a scene that often left me gasping.

The author’s style is awesome. George Snyder approaches On Wings of Affection with a fabulously developed first person account from Sam, a self-described ‘Jean Brodey’ before moving to California. The story possesses a certain dry humor through Sam’s narration. The author’s ease is delightful, reminiscent of couple of historically beloved authors.

The subtle humor of ’fashioning a flamingo out of a napkin’ is just a small example of the interesting dry humor George injects into the story. His comparisons and detail continue throughout the novel adding a unique perspective.

I highly recommend On Wings of Affection; it will not disappoint those with a flair for a Murder Mystery!