June 17, 2015

IN MEMORY... A Poem for Dads

This is the lake he loved.
A beautiful poem written by Kathy Feigel as a dedication in the novel, King Solomon's Journey. 


by Kathy Feigel

It is finally finished, this journey we shared.
With your love, I have gone further than I ever dared.
You said I could do it, and now here it stands,
My story of dimensions and faraway lands.
You cast a light upon my dreams.
That was all I needed, it would seem.
It isn't fair you know.
You're not here for the big show.
But I can feel you there.
On the edge of the web we share.
What now when no more can I hold your hand?
I will close my eyes and dream, see, there you stand!
Life is a journey of smiles and sadness.
Memories will always hold the gladness.
When my journey ends, I have but one prayer. 
Wait for me Dad.