January 19, 2014

RED ALERT by Dan Wildcat PhD

Enthusiastic readers will agree, once in a while a book will dramatically change or deepen your view of a specific issue.

My recent research into the language and customs of the  Yuchi (Euchee) members of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma, introduced me to the admirable work of Dr. Dan Wildcat PhD. Dr. Wildcat is a prominent, respected scholar, and member of the Muscogee Nation. He is a professor at the Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas.

Dr. Wildcat's forte' is in environmental research, and indigenous knowledge. My curiosity led me to video of some of his appearances at various symposiums around the country.  His focus is on 'Global Warming' or as he refers to it 'Global Burning'. In RED ALERT, Dr. Wildcat introduces the reader to a harsh look into a devastating problem, but, ultimately, with a hopeful solution.

Although, the Professor is more convinced than I of the entire human cause of "Global Burning", I believe his argument is convincing, and gives credence to cyclical natural events.  Despite the weight of blame, the human race is responsible for many vile acts against Mother Earth. Dr. Wildcat's solution rests in the indigenous peoples of our country, and around the world.

The tone of his book is poignant, and filled with passionate concern. About half of the book focuses on the problem, while the other half is a well thought out outline to a solution. Dr. Wildcat's resolution promotes the idea of a return to nature, living within our own unique geographic area. His theory points out many destructive problems that are a result of our Global Society. He often refers to this as "Homogenized".  The result is a compilation of problems that can be solved no other way than through awareness, education, and ultimately a change in our "lifeway" path.

I found his belief uplifting and energizing, since this is a sentiment I have long shared. The difference is in Dr. Wildcats faith in humanity, he is convinced change can happen prior to disaster. My fear is disaster will bring change, and of course, survival would rely on our return to indigenous roots to begin, again. Nevertheless, the Professors solution with the right campaign is completely plausible.

Dan Wildcat
I must mention, RED ALERT is a great resource for education, through parallels and lessons of both current and historical events Dr. Wildcat provides the reader with a great many little known facts. The reader will discover, how many wars were fought by Native Americans in the name of 'The Great Spirit'. The intricacies of the planes  Wind Power Project and the treaties perhaps, responsible for the recent decline in their use as a serious solution to Green Power. These important facts,  along with details of an ancient waterway supply in Arizona, and the indigenous practices of several current and ancestral tribes are fascinating, and helpful .

I urge everyone to buy and read a copy of RED ALERT by Dr. Dan Wildcat PhD. This is a situation
that effects everyone.

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