January 13, 2014

THE DAY GOD WINKED by Mark Paul Jacobs

Humankind's fascination with existence is infinite.The questions answered only lead us down a path scattered with a more incestuous need to know. Just days beyond the passing of my dear Dad, I ponder this thought and deliberate the circumstances presented in Mark Paul Jacobs', The Day God Winked.

Pete, a taxi driver, and recovering addict escorts the reader through an interesting view of a dynamic event. His experience provides a clever duality that serves to deepen the reader's contemplation.

Mark Paul Jacobs
The novella provoked several questions for me, but one remained with longevity. Is it more important to know the ultimate answer to our existence, or is it enough to know that our persona does not end? Perhaps, this changes with our lives. In the wake of my father's death, I think, I would choose to know and be happy with the infinite.

Mark Paul Jacobs is a talented, and very creative author, whom has developed an intelligent, and plausible explanation in THE DAY GOD WINKED!

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