December 31, 2014

HIDDEN REALMS by Marta Moran Bishop and Patricia Moran

What is it about the paranormal? Is it the eerie feeling we get when presented with the possibilities or is it simply the escapism it provides? Either way, I've always been attracted to the stories.

Hidden Realms is collection of three short stories, The Other Side, The Night of the Fairies, and The Hollowers. Author Marta Moran Bishop and her late mother Patricia Moran wrote the beginnings of these stories several years ago.

The Night of the Fairies is a sweet story of a girl adopted by a tribe. Her unusual differences begin to unfold in true fairy tale fashion.

The Other Side is a compelling love story with an adult complex theme that crosses over into a parallel dimension. Being a true romantic, this was my favorite.

Marta Moran Bishop
The Hollowers is reminiscent of an episode Twilight Zone. The story surrounds around Jerry, a delusional self-absorbed man that is unable to live in a reality based existence, until one day when he finds an unusual box and then we, the readers, are left to wonder if it is Jerry's reality or the Universe's that has the final say.

The stories are well worth the read, but are most entertaining on audio as Brian Richard Robin brings them to life with his fabulous vocal characterization. Only an hour long, it is a great collection to enjoy on a cold winter's night before bedtime.