September 20, 2013


Alphabet Rain in the Desert
By Ben Miller
In the forward flowing sands amongst the freedom chimes
We stood in the wind sages burning
No direction but to rise and no motion in the sound
Clouds and letters descending in alphabet rains

But still we are lost on the high and lonesome long time road
That twists around that craggy and teeth filled mountain
Following hints and clues left for us to dissolve in our bodies
Only inherited for this brief spark of journey
Must we return it when we’re done like a rented soul jacket
Must we solve all your clues or is it enough to leave
Anchors in our dreams and screams avalanches on those desert walls
Slithering down endless roads of trying

We bury our faces in the sands of our fathers
After they’ve left us behind
Traces of footsteps like food for the mourning
Eyes beam for relics that are more than just lines
Scrambling over their canyons and dune field impressions
We are but ancient children suspended in liquid sharper than amber
More porous than breathing books written in stone

We are those books that you left us to read in the desert
We are those sparks from the storming dry skies
Even if you fade into hallways gathering darkness
More substantial than mirage less solid than fact
We will rewrite those books in the marks of our making
In the alphabet that you counted and dreamed for us
Give us the patience to climb up that mountain
That fortress tower where nothing is lost

And on those glimpses of the footsteps in the desert
On the remnants of old worn holy shoes
They might fit they might dance they might only be rocky rambling
To make the climb we have no choice but to wear them
And kick at the sparks that insist we follow
Stepping on the teeth and the skulls and the jagged bony proofs
As our fingers drag through legend coloured sand
Rubbing it into our wounds that tell the story too

And maybe that’s how we see the path
Not in our glories but our failings
That alphabet of dreams the only rain to stitch it together
A mountain rope up from the desert floor
Mouths open to catch the rain
Which are the flowing sands of freedom
And all the notes between the chimes

Alphabet Rain in the Desert was inspired by the symbols, subtext, and characters in King Solomon's Journey.

Ben Miller