February 28, 2014

HAILEY'S LAW: Please Support the Proposed: #HAILEYSLAW

In memory of Hailey Owens

Reports suggest: The Amber Alert was an invaluable resource in the capture of young Hailey Owens' murderer. But, with less time spent on paperwork and red-tape prior to the release of the Amber Alert law enforcement would have had the public's help much sooner. Could this have made a difference? Speculation or reasonable conclusion?

The Amber Alert has helped capture many child predators and saved little lives. However, like many laws, it needs some tweaking. By perfecting it and eliminating the red-tape through Hailey's Law the process can be expedited to save the lives of even more children. Please, support and work for the legislation of Hailey's Law where ever you live.

Read Missouri's proposed legislation, copied from: http://haileyslaw.com 

Hailey’s Law
In honor of Hailey Owens
Be it that seconds and minutes count in ceasing a child abduction and recovering an abducted child, similar delays to that involving the case of Hailey Owens that occurred on February 18th, 2014 in           Springfield, Missouri where two hours passed prior to the issuance of an Amber alert and one hour passed for the notification of local media as a result of current procedure shall not be tolerated within the State of     Missouri.
Notwithstanding any department policy or other provision of law, upon law enforcement’s receipt of notification of a child abduction, law enforcement shall take immediate action to confirm that an abduction has occurred.  Upon confirmation that a child abduction has occurred, an Amber Alert shall be issued and the media shall be contacted with the pertinent information, both of which shall occur within 15 minutes of confirmation that a child abduction has occurred.
                It shall be the duty of all law enforcement agencies in the State of Missouri to assist in the facilitation of expediting this process with their local media as well as the Missouri State Highway Patrol for the rapid     issuance of an Amber Alert in the State of Missouri.

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