December 7, 2013


I am a lifelong lover of horses. When I was a child I talked about horses all the time, due to an equally lifelong hearing impediment, I could not hear the soft letter sounds, therefore for many years I called them "sorsies." Early in my childhood, we moved to a farm and my Dad purchased a horse for my brother and I. My horse was Lady, not too original  but she was proud and nostalgic deserving of the royal title.Reading about Dinky took me back to those magical days on the farm. These days a story that moves me in such a personal way is rare, but oh so, enjoyable and refreshing.

Told in the honest spirit of sharing, DINKY THE NURSE MARE'S FOAL is a glimpse into a hidden side in the life of a beautiful creature. Through Dinky a precious emotional story emerges; one that left this reader laughing and crying. Most of all, it opened my eyes to an alarming practice in the business of horses.I am embarrassed to say, I had never thought about what happened to the nurse mare's babies,and was naive enough to assume rescue stables and similar facilities were staffed and ran by well trained and educated people.
Marta Moran Bishop

On one hand, Dinky's story exposes the cruel reality of suffering imposed upon the helpless by a rich industry. On the other hand, it is a beautiful story about adoption, and adaption, as Dinky learns to find his place within his new horse family and of course, his people family. Dinky's journey reminds me of my family's experience with two adopted children. There are precious beautiful moments, yet there are times when the memories of the past cannot be subdued and a perfect storm erupts. In my opinion, Dinky's life is as much an accurate portrayal of adoption as it is about abuse, but more significantly it is about overcoming the odds.

This is a touching book for all ages. Please, do not miss it!

DINKY THE NURSE MARE'S FOAL is available on Amazon!