December 12, 2013


With Rock & Roll Homicide, by R.J. McDonnell, I finally found a fresh author that doesn't disappoint. Mystery book lovers will know what I mean when I say I want a book that has sharp, witty characters, believable facts, sub-plots and well researched police tactics. The first in a series, I am looking forward to reading Rock & Roll Homicide, has brightened my reading list!

The main character, Jason Duffy, is a PI with a convoluted past. The case brought to him by the sharp witted Chelsea Tucker in Rock & Roll Homicide, is one that is entirely believable and could be a main news story today. She is the primary suspect in the death of her husband, Terry Tucker, a rocker killed by exploding headphones she gave him.

PI Jason Duffy, paid his way through college in a rock band, and this experience gave him an extremely helpful insight to the world of club bands. Then his past work as a mental health counselor added a nice mixture of associates; and the use of a few of those former clients as employees, gives his PI business a fabulous off-kilter, quirky sense of humor.

R.J. McDonnell is a writer with a rich source of information on police tactics and personalities. His use of the tense father-son relationship between Jason and dad is believable. With stereotypes that are quickly shifted and balanced by a sense of honesty in each of the relationships, we are introduced to… Jason's Irish policeman's family quickly becomes one we fall in love with.

Terry Tucker is, as we find out not a truly up-front kind of guy. Between trying to back-stab his band-mates and a dubious
RJ McDonnell
relationship with the Russian mob, is it any wonder he ended up dead? R.J. McDonnell answers that question in a surprising fashion in a book I recommend to any reader looking for fast-paced action with a story-line that captures the imagination.