May 5, 2014

Leah The Ant by Cindy Nemitz; A Children's Book About Epilepsy

Leah is a darling little ant preparing for graduation at the Ant Academy. Each ant in Anthillville is assigned a career at the graduation ceremony. This day is especially important to Leah, because she has drop and shake disorder or as we humans refer to it, epilepsy. Readers can joyfully learn and follow the delightful Leah as she anxiously awaits for her assignment.

I commend the author for writing this much needed story about a difficult subject. Cindy Nemitz has uncomplicated epilepsy through Leah. It is a very well written and illustrated book with an invaluable lesson about epilepsy, a disorder which will effect 1 in 23 people in their lifetime. As a mother of a 22 year old lifelong epileptic, I highly recommend this book as an educational tool for those with or without the often misunderstood disorder.  

Please, support epilepsy research and awareness!

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