October 19, 2012

About: Darkening Danger

Cover by William Kenney

 A short story prequel to upcoming Concealed.

What would happen to you if the sun went black? 

Geophysicist, Texas business tycoon Michael Levine is one of the few who understand the science behind the blackening sun. Ahead of the greatest disaster mankind has ever known, he meets a former Pentagon Research Specialist. He must protect her not only from the dark disaster, but from those whom wish to steal her secrets.

In the absence of the sun the two must endure the death of technology as the darkness triggers electrical blackouts, hallucinations, and death. Together, with a killer on the loose, they attempt to survive through the blackened days without sleep and prepare for a journey in which they must rely only on one another, and are sure to face a fallen government, famine, and a revolution giving birth to militia strongholds.

For more adventure about the darkening sun, watch for the soon to be released parallel adventure; Reliquary of Dimensions
A romantic thriller!