December 30, 2013


Paralyzing darkness envelops earth- Geophysicist Michael Levine complicates his plight when he rescues a woman with a classified secret and a murderer on her heels.

Scientist agree; Jupiter acts as a warrior protecting Earth from cosmic disaster, but what if suddenly Jupiter failed to absorb the enemies in the Heavens?

Imagine life without light, natural or man-made. Imagine a world in total darkness for three days. What happens to humanity when the lights go out?

That is what Dr. Michael Levine now faces. What will happen as he and others face the darkness and its aftermath? Using everything he knows, Michael must endeavor to survive and help others overcome the dire consequences science has predicted and no one has believed…until now.When fear and unknown danger attack from the blackness…Michael must find a way to fight back and find the one place they can all be safe. ‘Darkening Danger’ is the short story prequel to the full length novel ‘Concealed’, coming soon for readers everywhere.

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